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Knowledge about saw chain
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Knowledge about saw chain

08 September 2022

Knowledge about saw chain


The saw chain is an indispensable part of the chain saw. Without the saw chain, the chain saw cannot work and cannot be called a saw. It's just an engine, but many people don't know much about saw chains, so I'll give you a brief introduction below.


1. the composition of the saw chain


The saw chain is composed of left incisors, right incisors, middle guide teeth (also called driving teeth) connecting pieces, and rivets.


2.the model of the saw chain, the size of the saw chain


Saw chains are represented by Latin letters and Arabic numerals. Due to the different countries and manufacturers of production, the meanings of each letter and number are also different, but what is represented is the pitch, the thickness of the middle guide teeth, the shape of the cutting teeth, and the safety , wear reduction and some other variant characteristic symbols.


3. Matching of saw chains


Whether the saw chain and the chain saw match, mainly depends on the chain wheel of the chain saw, the length of the guide plate, the form of the guide head and the width of the guide groove of the guide plate. ) is consistent, the thickness of the middle guide tooth is consistent with the guide groove on the guide plate, and the length is consistent with the circumference of the guide plate, the number of sprocket teeth, and the spatial distance between the sprocket and the guide plate before it can be used.


4. Repairing the saw chain


The left and right cutting teeth on the saw chain are cutting tools. After a period of use, the cutting edge will become blunt. In order to cut smoothly and keep the cutting edge sharp, it is necessary to file.


Notes for repairing files:


1. Choose a round file suitable for repairing saw chains. The cutting teeth, sizes and arcs of various types of saw chains are different. The standard of the round file required by each type of chain is certain. There are detailed introductions in the manual, so you must pay attention to it.


2. Pay attention to the direction and angle of the filing. The filing should be forwarded along the direction of the cutting edge. When pulling it back, it should be light. Try not to use force back and forth. The included angle is about 10 degrees. These angles vary according to the hardness of the material being sawed and the usage habits of the saw hand. At the same time, pay attention to the symmetry of the left and right cutting teeth. If the deviation is too large, the sawing will deviate and the sawing will be skewed.


3. Pay attention to the height of the limit teeth. Each cutting tooth has a protruding part in front, which is the limit tooth, which is 0.6-0.8 mm lower than the top of the cutting edge. The cutting amount of each tooth is so thick each time. When filing the cutting edge, pay attention to its height , If the cutting edge is trimmed more, the limit tooth will become higher relative to the cutting edge, and the cutting amount will become smaller each time, which will affect the cutting speed. If the cutting edge is lower than the limit tooth, it will produce no wood , cannot be cut, the limit tooth trimming is too low, and each tooth is too thick for each cut, which is likely to cause "knife" and the sawing does not move.


5. the maintenance of the saw chain


The saw chain runs fast. Taking a 3/8 saw chain as an example, the number of sprocket teeth is 7, and the speed of the saw chain is 15.56 meters per second when the engine speed is 7000 rpm during operation. The driving force of the sprocket and the reaction force during cutting are concentrated on the rivet shaft. The working conditions are bad and the wear is serious. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the saw chain will be scrapped quickly.


Maintenance is carried out from the following aspects:


1. Always pay attention to adding lubricating oil;


2. Maintain the sharpness of the incisor and the symmetry of the left and right incisors;


3. Always adjust the tension of the saw chain, not too tight or too loose. For the adjusted saw chain, when the hand-pulled saw chain is lifted up, there is only one middle guide tooth that completely exposes the guide plate groove;


4. Clean up and clean the dirt of the guide plate groove and saw chain in time, because the guide plate and the saw chain will be worn during sawing, and the worn iron filings and fine sand will accelerate the wear and tear, and the glue on the tree, especially the grease on the pine tree. , During the sawing process, the heat melts and adheres to the saw chain, so that each joint is sealed and hardened, and the oil cannot enter, cannot be lubricated, and will also accelerate wear. It is recommended to remove the saw chain after daily use and soak it in kerosene for cleaning.


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