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Chainsaw Guide Bar Guide
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Chainsaw Guide Bar Guide

01 March 2022

Understanding Guide Bar


Chainsaw Guide Bar Guide

Are you thinking of buying a chainsaw, or have you already chosen a model that suits your needs? If so, now is the time to further familiarise yourself with this tool, which is extremely useful for small and large gardening jobs, DIY tasks and for cutting firewood.

Components of a chainsaw guide bar

As you may already know, the chainsaw guide bar (also called the chainsaw blade) has the vital job of guiding the movement of the chain, which is the machine’s cutting element.

What does a guide bar consist of?

It depends on the model. For example, a carving bar differs slightly from a standard guide bar. Nevertheless, all types share similar characteristics, such as:

Tail: this is the part of the guide bar that fits inside the body of the chainsaw.

Mounting slot: a shaped hole that connects the guide bar to the machine by means of large screws with threaded ends (studs).

Adjuster hole: this houses the pawl needed to adjust the chain tension.

Oil reservoir outlet hole: essential for proper lubrication of the guide bar/chain assembly.

Bar rails: these enclose the groove along the edge of the guide bar.

Groove (or track): the channel between the rails along which the chain runs.

Tip (or nose): this can be reinforced or fitted with a nose sprocket.

Nose sprocket: this can be fixed or replaceable and is a kind of gear wheel that improves the movement of the chain around the bar, reduces friction and helps to tension the chain.

When to replace the guide bar

Guide bar wear is highest in the area where most of the cutting is done. That is normally the underside of the bar: turn the bar over periodically to ensure that it wears evenly on the top and bottom edges.

Burrs form on the bar rails as they wear: these must be filed off, otherwise they cause irregular movement of the chainsaw and premature wear of the chain and the tracks themselves. At the same time, also file both rails level if they are unevenly worn, i.e. of different heights.

It is normal for the depth of the bar groove to gradually decrease during the bar's useful life. In the event of excessive or uneven wear, we recommend replacing the guide bar.

To check whether the guide bar needs changing:

Set the chainsaw down on a flat surface and place your finger on the chain. If it sags then it's time to change the chainsaw blade (always wear chain-resistant gloves when handling the chain).

Press a ruler against the side of the bar and an outside tooth on the chain. If there is still a gap between the bar and the ruler, then the bar is in good condition. If the ruler lays flat against the bar, then the bar is worn and should be replaced.

Guide Bar

To extend the bar’s useful life, you can also follow some simple precautions. In particular, when working remember to:

Check the chain tension before and after cutting (to avoid abnormal wear of the groove)

Adjust the flow rate of the lubricating oil according to the type of wood being cut (to prevent the groove from overheating at the points of greatest friction with the drive links)

Regularly and thoroughly sharpen the chain teeth (this reduces abnormal wear of the groove and helps to ensure a clean and precise cut)

Always cut straight and do not push the chainsaw sideways: this is to minimise damage to the groove and avoid warping the bar

Use the chainsaw blade solely for cutting and not as a hammer, lever or wedge for felling trees

About Guide Bar:


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