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Chainsaw Buying Guide
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Chainsaw Buying Guide

17 February 2022

Understanding Saw Chain


Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chainsaws are highly versatile tools that allow you to fell trees, prune branches, cut up firewood and even clean up after a serious storm. Many people enjoy using chainsaws, and some people take great pride in owning several models of varying sizes.

However, if you are a chainsaw rookie and you are considering buying one for home use, you may well be asking yourself the question, what size chainsaw do you need? Should you just buy the biggest one you can find? Or are there advantages to choosing a smaller model?

Here, we look at these questions and more to help you choose the right sized chainsaw for your needs.

If you want a preview of some of the things we’re going to be talking about, here’s a good video that explains some of the points we’ll be mentioning.

How Do You Measure The Size Of A Chainsaw?

Before we talk about choosing the right sized chainsaw for you, let’s think briefly about how we measure the size of a chainsaw – because it’s not quite as obvious as it might seem.

One way to talk about the size of a chainsaw is the length of the bar. The bar is the part the chainsaw chain spins around, and it is measured from the tip to where it enters the body of the chainsaw.

Chainsaw bars are not fixed and can be changed for longer or shorter ones, but when you buy a chainsaw, you will be told the length of the bar it comes with. Chainsaw bars for home users are usually within the 10”-20” range, although they can sometimes be longer or shorter.

Another measurement to look at in a gas chainsaw is the size of the engine, stated in ccs. The bigger the engine, the more power it can give you, so this is another useful number to look out for.

Saw Chain

Saw Chain

Why Not Just Buy The Biggest One You Can Find?

Some people might be tempted to simply buy the biggest chainsaw they can afford. After all, a bigger chainsaw can handle more jobs than a small one, right? Well, not exactly.

While a big, powerful chainsaw with a long bar might allow you to cut bigger trees, there are also disadvantages to having a chainsaw that is too big.

Bigger chainsaws are heavier and more difficult to handle, meaning if you are not used to using a chainsaw, you will quickly become fatigued. Using a chainsaw with tired arms and when you start to lose concentration is a bad idea as this is when accidents can happen.

Large chainsaws are not easy to maneuver, making them less suitable for smaller, more detailed work. Bigger chainsaws are generally more expensive, too, so if you buy a chainsaw that is way bigger than you need, you will just be wasting your money.

Having a huge beast of a chainsaw might be good for your ego, but the best advice is to resist the urge to buy one that is too big and to choose one that is more suited to the work you need it for instead.

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