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Can the chainsaw guide bar be replaced
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Can the chainsaw guide bar be replaced

17 February 2022

Understanding Guide Bar


Can the chainsaw guide bar be replaced?

Replacing a chainsaw guide bar becomes topical every now and then, as the bar wears and may even be damaged in use. Sometimes, guide bars may be replaced just because you want to swap the bar for a longer, shorter, or a different profile one to change how your saw behaves.

A very short version of the answer is that chainsaw guide bars are usually interchangeable only if they have the same mount type, chain pitch and gauge. In practice, there are several different mounts, pitches and gauges in use even in the saws and bars of a single manufacturer, so that most guide bars mutually incompatible.

We'll cover how the mentioned installations, spacings and specifications really vary. After reading this article, you will know all about guide rod compatibility and how to find the right rod.

Are chainsaw bars universal?

Chainsaw bars are not universal. Instead, bars are specific to a chain type and have different, incompatible mounts.

More specifically, chainsaw bars vary both in mount geometry as well as in intended chain pitch and gauge, which must match those of your saw and chain. Because of this, you cannot just fit any bar on any saw.

Incompatible mounts

Chainsaw bars have dozens of different mount types, most of which are mutually incompatible. Bar mounts are often brand-specific, so that bars of other brands will rarely fit your saw. Moreover, saw manufacturers would also typically use different mounts in their smaller and larger saws.

Saw Chain

Incompatible chain sizes

Bars are commonly made for around 10 different chain pitch-gauge combinations. while not universal, more or less standardized, but there are many of them. This means that you will be able to find plenty replacement bars with the same design pitch and gauge as in your original bar, but must also take care to pick the right one.

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