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Saw chain care and maintenance
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Saw chain care and maintenance

19 January 2022

Top tips for saw chain and guide bar maintenance


Saw chain care and maintenance

Keeping the knives sharp is extremely important for the smooth and safe operation of the chainsaw hand. Chainsaw operators need to regularly file and sharpen their chains to keep their knives sharp at all times.

Saw Chain

When the following conditions occur, the teeth of the saw chain need to be sharpened;

1. Sawdust turns into powder.

2. Greater force is required when sawing

3. The cutting direction is not straight.

4. Vibration increases.

5. Fuel consumption increases.

Before sharpening, make sure the saw chain is securely installed; make sure the engine is stopped; use the appropriate round file for saw chain sharpening.

1. All saw teeth have the same angle. If the angle of the teeth is different, the sawing process will not be smooth and cause severe wear on the saw chain.

2. All serrations must also be the same length. If it is different, the tooth height will be different, which will also cause uneven rotation of the saw chain.

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