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Is Carbide Saw Chain Worth Buying
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Is Carbide Saw Chain Worth Buying

14 February 2022

Understanding Carbide Saw Chain


Is Carbide Saw Chain Worth Buying

Carbide chains are more challenging to sharpen, but when done, they will stay sharp for longer than regular chains. People prefer Stihl because it has been in the market for a long time providing high-quality products.

Are Carbide Chains Worth it?

Carbide chains are worth it for jobs that need a durable chain capable of cutting hard material without frequent sharpening. Carbide Chains are popular among people who work in construction, agriculture, or landscaping. They can cut wood with nails and even soil without constant sharpening. It will cut clean wood fine, but it is slower.

Compared to other chainsaws, carbide chainsaws are much more durable and long-lasting. Due to their stability, carbide chains produce less vibration and noise, out of the many reasons why professionals prefer to use them when the job demands this. But keep in mind that they will cut slower, so I recommend using a standard, cheaper chainsaw chain for regular, clean wood.

While it is true that carbide chains last longer, they eventually get damaged and become useless. Restoring the carbide chain after the damage is nearly impossible. In most cases, you have to buy a new chain which is costly.

I have shown earlier that sharpening the carbide blade is challenging and expensive since we need expertise and special equipment. Some users prefer chains that are easy to sharpen without additional cost. At the same time, some users buy a single yet expensive chain to save them from the trouble of constant sharpening/replacement. Hence, depending on your ease, you can choose any particular type of chain accordingly.

Carbide requires additional care if it is damaged. The carbide chain should not be flat and rusted after sharpening since rusted carbide will not cut properly. It is also easier for flatter and rusted carbide chains to get additional damage.

Despite not being cost-effective, it can be an excellent choice for some jobs. With proper usage, it can last a whole season. If your work involves rescue or demolition work, investing in a carbide chain could be a perfect decision. The pros outweigh the cons, such as its durability, longevity, and applicability on hard surfaces.

What are the applications of carbide chainsaw chains?

Carbide chainsaw chains are created for tough jobs that require extra durability. They are perfect for cutting hard or abrasive materials, such as hardwood logs, masonry, bricks, iron pipes, steel pipes, and even some metal. They’re also used to cut wood with nails in it, stubborn roots and branches, and even asphalt.

Due to their hardness, carbide chains can operate on a wide range of metallic surfaces, rust, sand, and even dirt. Some of the areas where their use is prevalent are:

Tough wood with nails: Carbide chains can be a good choice if you have to cut tough and hardwood for extended periods. Or wood that contains nails.

Carbide Saw Chain

Adverse cutting operations: A typical HSS chain wears out quickly if operated on dirt. Carbide chains, however, can run as long as you want them, be it dirt, smoke or ash. In many cases, they are sharpened only once a season.

Fire departments/rescue operations: Most firefighters carry chainsaws with carbide chains as part of their rescue operations. They may be used to operate on roofs for ventilation purposes in case of fire/smoke.

Industry: At the industrial level, various metallic sheets, plastic rolls, fiberglass, or bundled logs can be cut to their desired dimensions if a carbide chain is available.

Mining: Carbide-coated chainsaws are quite helpful in sawing coal, rock salt, and other soft rock minerals.

When you have to decide if you will use a carbide chainsaw chain, check if it is both efficient and economically viable. If you plan to cut domestic lumber or forest wood mainly, your best bet will probably be a steel chain. In this situation, a carbide chain would probably not be an economical choice as any cutting advantage obtained would not be enough to counter its high cost.

About Carbide Saw Chain:


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