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Pay attention to the following points when buying a saw chain
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Pay attention to the following points when buying a saw chain

14 February 2022

Understanding Carbide Saw Chain


Pay attention to the following points when buying a saw chain

It’s crucial to choose the correct type of chain for your wood-sawing purposes and experience. Becoming familiar with the key features of chainsaw chains is important when selecting the best one for your cutting needs.

Know the Numbers

Because chainsaw chains are not one-size-fits-all, knowing your existing chain’s measurements will help you get the right size when buying a replacement chain. The three numbers to know are the chain’s “pitch,” its “gauge,” and the number of “drive links” it has. These three numbers are often printed directly on the saw and/or can be found in the owner’s manual.

Additionally, understanding some basics about chain arrangement, which just means the configuration of the chain’s components, will help you choose the correct type of chain for various woodcutting tasks.


Pitch refers to the distance between the individual links on the chain. The links—both drive links (oblong links that do not have blades) and cutter links (links with sharp blades)—are held in place on the chain with two rivets. To determine the chain’s pitch (if not clearly printed on the saw), measure carefully from the center of one rivet to the center of the third rivet in line, then divide that number in two. For example, if the measurement between the first and the third rivet is 6/8-inch, the chain’s pitch would be 3/8-inch. The most common chainsaw pitch is 3/8-inch low profile, and the second most common pitch is 3/8-inch regular profile.

Less common pitches are 1/4-inch, .325-inch, and .404-inch. The larger the pitch, the more aggressive the cutting action of the chain, so a .404-inch pitch will cut through wood faster than a 1/4-inch pitch.

Carbide Chainsaw Chain

Drive Links 

The backbone of the chainsaw chain, drive links hold the entire chain together. Along with pitch and gauge, you must know the number of drive links on your existing chain in order to purchase a replacement chain of the same size. In many cases, the number of drive links is also printed on the bar off the chainsaw; if not, you can remove the chain from the saw and count the links.

Chain Length 

While chains are sold to match the length of a chainsaw’s guide bar, the most accurate way to get the right length is to match the number of drive links. Chain (and bar) length ranges from 6 inches on smaller electric chainsaw models to over 24 inches on commercial saws that are designed for felling large trees.

Chain Arrangement

Chain arrangement relates to the configuration of cutters and drive links on the chain, and three main types of arrangements are available.

About Carbide Saw Chain:


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