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Value for money of Carbide Saw Chain
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Value for money of Carbide Saw Chain

14 February 2022

Understanding Carbide Saw Chain


Value for money of Carbide Saw Chain

Cost: Despite their advantages, you have to pay more for carbide chainsaws than other types of regular chainsaw chains. It is also more expensive to sharpen carbide chains as it requires a special diamond-coated wheel.

Ease of operation: Carbide is a heavy material. This increases the chainsaw weight and can make it more challenging to handle. The cutting speed also gets reduced.

Application: In short, I would say that carbide chains are best suited for applications such as cutting ice, walls, and roofs where a standard chain would get dull quickly. Or jobs where you use your chainsaw for an extended period and do not want to sharpen it often. If you are on a limited budget and need a chainsaw merely for woodworking applications, I’d say it is better to invest in a steel (HSS) chain.

In general, carbide materials are used in cutting tools that need superior hardness. This applies to chainsaw chains and various other tools like drill bits. The superior carbide hardness makes it possible to use these chains for jobs where a regular chain will not work. Jobs that involve materials like wood with nails, metal, soil, ice, or other debris.

The advantage is that carbide chains do not get flat or dull quickly. They are often used by professionals who work in construction, agriculture, or landscaping. Many chain brands sell carbide chains.

Carbide Saw Chain

Can Carbide Chainsaw Chains be Sharpened?

Sharpening carbide chains is possible but is more challenging than a regular chain. It can be done using a diamond-coated sharpening tool. If you are less experienced, I recommend asking a professional for help while sharpening a carbide chain.

You know it is time to sharpen a carbide chainsaw chain when the wood starts burning or smoking. You will notice that the blunt carbide chainsaw will no longer cut as smooth as before. Always check that the chain is not damaged or is missing teeth.

How can a carbide chainsaw chain be sharpened?

Use a depth gauge: An important tool for sharpening a carbide chain is the depth gauge. You need this to measure and adjust the chain.

Use a diamond tool: As a carbide chainsaw chain is made from a really hard material, you need an even harder material to sharpen it: diamond. The most cost-effective method is to use a handheld grinder and a diamond stone. Or a diamond wheel, a file won’t touch it. There are also cost-effective diamond Dremel bits you can use. Most of these tools can be purchased at a good dealer or online.

Carbide Saw Chain

Take care of the angles: After adjusting, the sharpening process refurbishes all four sides of the carbide teeth. You must do this at the correct angles. This is why sharpening a carbide chain is more challenging. If angles are off, it can ruin the carbide blade.

Check for flatness: After sharpening, the blade should be rust and dirt-free. Check for any flatness since a flatter blade cannot cut items properly.

Sharpening frequency: A good-quality carbide blade can be sharpened more than three times before it needs to be replaced. When the chain is damaged, it can not be sharpened and need to be replaced.


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