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Top tips for saw chain and guide bar maintenance

05 January 2022

  Top tips for saw chain and guide bar maintenance

  When a chainsaw is running on point, it will effortlessly buzz through a piece of timber while the operator gently guides it in the desired direction.

  This is very pleasing indeed. But get a little laissez faire with the maintenance regime and it won’t be long before the same machine is practically burning its way through.Not only does this make the job take far longer, it uses more fuel, causes premature bar and sprocket wear and can risk overheating the engine.

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  The correct use of principles is conducive to efficient completion of the work

  Golden rules

  1.Use a good-quality chain lubricant, not used engine oil or vegetable oil

  2.Check the chain tension often and never allow the chain to sag

  3.Sharpen the chain regularly

  4.Use the correct sharpening tools

  5.Never force a dull chain to cut

  6.Try to avoid hitting dirt, rocks or any other abrasive material while cutting

  7.Carry a spare chain

  Guide bar maintenance


  The guide bar should be flipped over periodically to even out the wear. At the same time, take the opportunity to clean out the groove and check its condition.

  The guide rails are expected to wear over time, but this should be even on each side. If the saw has been used with a poorly tuned chain, one side can wear away more than the other, which is one factor that affects how straight the saw cuts. Some dealers will have tooling to correct uneven wear, or it might be time to invest in a new bar.

  When turning the bar over, it is worth cleaning around the oil inlet hole to make sure the chain stays well lubricated.

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